8 Effective Ways To Book Cheap Flight Tickets From Pakistan.

There's nothing more frustrating than repeatedly searching for cheap flight tickets from Pakistan to any given destination. Finding cheap air tickets is a challenge...

8 Helpful Tips For A Successful Visa Interview In Pakistan

Not many people give tips for a successful visa interview in Pakistan. A real reason lies behind every Schengen or any other visa rejection....
Emirates Cargo

Emirates Airlines claim that it has capability to transport Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

Emirates prepares to transport Covid-19 vaccines worldwide prepared by Pfizer that is more than 90% effective against the novel coronavirus. In an interview with international...

Travelers forced to go back 80 Kilometers to pick up the pizza boxes thrown...

When it comes to keeping streets and neighborhoods clean, cities across India have a pretty bad reputation. Some people are incorrigible, no awareness campaigns,...
Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 -

Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai to turn into cycling track on November 20

Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai will become a track for the city's new cycle race, Dubai Ride, on November 20th. The non-competitive, open-access community event...
Village in Italy -

An Italian Village will pay to anyone who’s willing to move there

A quiet and quaint Italian town is everyone's dream vacation. A quiet hilltop village where the mundane drudgery of city life doesn't knock on...

Turkey welcomed almost 9.5 Million foreign visitors in last 9 months

Turkey welcomed around 9.5 million foreign visitors in the first nine months of 2020, the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Friday. Given...
Car hit Kaaba

Saudi man hits car into Holy Khana Kaaba’s gate

Saudi authorities arrested a man on Friday for hitting his car into the outer gate of the Holy Kaaba, Makkah. The local media reported...
Empire State Building -

Empire State Building is all set to welcome tourism to NYC

The Empire State Building paved the way for tourism return to NYC. People are eager to get back to exploring the city again and...

New tourism campaign for Mauritius is out now

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has launched the #MauritiusNow campaign. The panel said the launch, formulation and implementation of the program were the result of...