Kaaba Bait Allah is among the most famous places on earth. Almost all the Muslims across the globe have a picture of this holy place in their houses which shows the level of respect this place has in our hearts. Here are 10 amazing facts about Kaaba:

10. People Performing Tawaf In Water Around Kaaba

. People Swimming Around Kaaba

Kaaba is placed in the valley of Makkah. Whenever it rained, water used to fill up in the place where Kaaba is. This didn’t stop Muslims from visiting this place in fact they use to swim around Kaaba to perform the holy duty.

9. Kaaba From Inside

Kaaba From Inside

For many years people were just guessing how Kaaba would look from inside. Lucky are the people who got the opportunity to actually go inside the holy place. And then there was another lucky person who had an opportunity to take picture of Kaaba from inside. Then millions of people were able to see these pictures online and non-believer doubt was also cleared who use to say that our idol(s) are placed inside this holy place. Inside of Kaaba there is marble and green cloth covering it.

8. Keys of Khana Kaaba

Key of Khana Kaaba

The keys of Kaaba are not kept with the Saudi government but with one of the companion’s family of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). After the conquer of Makkah at the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) he gave the keys to Hazrat Usman Bin Talha (RA). From that day till today, the keys are with the family of Hazrat Usman Bin Talha (RA). As per our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) these keys will remain be with them unless someone tries to take it by force, and if someone does that he will be merciless.

7. There Are Actually Two Kaabas

There are actually two Kaabas

Do you know that there are actually 2 Kaabas. One is in Makkah and the other one is right above it in the skies which is called Bait Al Mamoor. When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) narrated the incidence of Mirage in which he was shown Bait Al Mamoor. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked about this to Hazrat Gibrael (AS) on which He (SAW) was told that this is Bait Al Mamoor where 70,000 angels worship ALLAH (SWT) every day. And once an angel visits this place they never return back i.e. every day there is a fresh batch of 70,000 angels that come to worship. This is continuously happening.

6. The Cloth on Kaaba

. The Cloth on Kaaba

We are accustom of seeing Kaaba in Kiswa i.e. black and golden cloth and don’t visualize seeing it in any other color but earlier Kaaba used to be covered with different colors of cloths which includes green, red and white. Kiswa is made out of pure silk and many Quranic verses are written on it with the gold thread. Every year on the occasion of Hajj on 9 Zil Hajj after the prayers of Fajr, the old Kiswa is replaced with the new one. The new Kiswa cloth cost 60 Million USD.

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5. Original Shape of Kaaba

Original Shape of Kaaba

During the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) one side of Kaaba use to be rounded.  That part is called Hateem today. Hateem is still considered as part of Kaaba and people perform Tawaf from outside of Hateem boundaries.  Before the Prophet hood (SAW), Quraish constructed the Kaaba again and because of lack of funds, this area was left as it is.

4. Reason for Hajr e Aswad in Silver Frame

Reason for Hajr e Aswad in Silver Frame

Have you ever noticed that Hajr e Aswad is always in silver frame. As per some people when enemies tried to invade Makkah, the stone was damaged as it was hit hard. During that time it was under the ownership of Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (RA). As per some people it was destroyed by the people belonging to the Ismaili group from Bahrain. They use to think that Hajj is libelous (Nauzubillah), and to prove their misconception they killed 10,000 Hujaj and their bodies were thrown in the holy well of Aab e ZamZam. It was later send to Kufa in Iraq. Then they were asked to return the stone back to the Caliph of that time. It was in pieces by that time. The only way to keep it intact was to put it in a frame of silver.

3. Two Doors of Kaaba

Two Doors of Kaaba

Earlier there used to be only 2 doors of Khana Kaaba. One was meant to enter and the other was for the exit. There also use to be a window in Kaaba. But now there is only one door to Kaaba. It was made in 1979 with approximately 300 KGs of gold. Earlier it use to be in silver. The window was also closed.

2. Kaaba Opens for Public

Kaaba Open for Public

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) any Muslim could enter Kaaba and worship there. Kaaba used to be open for 2 days in a week at that time. But now, due to increasing Muslim population and other reasons Kaaba is opened twice a year during which only the special guests are allowed to enter Kaaba.

1. Construction History of Kaaba

Construction History of Kaaba

Most of us think that Kaaba was 1st constructed by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his son, however on the orders of ALLAH SWT, Hazrat Adam (AS) constructed Kaaba for the 1st time. He bought stones from different mountains to build it. After the great storm at the time of Hazrat Nuh (AS), Kaaba base remained there, which was later reconstructed by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his son. The last time Kaaba was constructed by the orders given by Abdul Malik Bin Marwan to Hajaj Bin Yousaf, during which the old Kaaba made by Quraish was demolished and made the same way. And till today the Kaaba we see is mostly from that time.

In the end we would like to request everyone that we have researched and written on this sensitive topic to the best of our knowledge. If there is any discrepancy that you see while reading it, please notify it to us and we shall be happy to change it. Thanks for reading.

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