In a video message, the provincial prime minister said that he had met with politicians from various political parties discussing the corona virus and agreed on certain steps to be taken.

Shah said that after talking to everyone involved, it was decided that the only way to control the virus was to curb its spread.

“There is only one way to curb the spread, as this virus spreads from one person to another very quickly, so we have to minimize human interaction,” he said.

CM said the spread of the virus should be curbed while health facilities should be improved.

“We shouldn’t get into a situation where we have more patients and our health facilities are not enough,” he warned.

“The purpose of the block is to close all offices and meeting places.”

He said that those who are not required to get out in public must not.

“If someone wants to get out, they should have a valid reason.”

The provincial prime minister said that they will try to ensure that groceries are delivered in stores, adding that they would try to ensure that someone who wants to get out to buy groceries does so once within two days can.

Shah said that the way to monitor this was to get everyone who gets out to carry their computer-aided national identity card (CNIC) with them.

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