1. Bali, Indonesia


What to do in Bali: Book in any event one night in the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel and request the Panoramic Deluxe Pool Villa. The view will leave you confused.

Why it is romantic: Take a walk and feel the heartbeat of town. Indulge your appetite at one amongst the various patisseries dotted round the cobbled streets, then take a visit to the temple of affection and share a kiss! Legend has it that couples can expertise a stronger love and relationship.

How romantic is it: 5/5

2. Paris, France


What to do in Paris: Go for a stroll and feel the beat of the city. Enjoy your sweet tooth at one of the numerous patisseries dabbed around the cobbled lanes, at that point travel to the sanctuary of adoration and offer a kiss! Legend has it that couples will encounter a more grounded love and relationship.

Why it is romantic: It’s Paris, the city of love!

How romantic is it: 5/5

3. Honolulu, Hawaii


What to do in Honolulu: Visit one of the benches of the Foster Botanical Gardens, then join a party and relax.

Why is it romantic: Beautiful sunsets, unspoilt beaches that stretch on into the horizon, tropical waters; Honolulu is a beautiful destination for a relaxing romantic getaway.

How romantic is it: 3/5

4. Venice, Italy


What to do in Venice Stroll over the in excess of 350 scaffolds in the city and respect the impression of the exquisite structures in the water of the trenches. Appreciate the plushness of Saint Peter’s Basilica or head to the vivid island of Burano. On the off chance that there is whenever left, why not follow in the strides of Casanova and investigate the locales of his affectionate experiences?

Why it is romantic: A floating city of gondolas and canals is the epitome of a romantic holiday! In fact, it is almost as if this city were suspended between dream and reality. The timeless beauty of this city is bound to seduce you and your partner.

How romantic is it: 3/5

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