Tip #1: Check-In Early With Your Airline’s App

There’s no reason to queue up at the check-in desk or deal with a fingerprint-smudged booth at the airport, unless you’re checking in luggage. Download your airline’s app beforehand, make sure your booking details are in, and then use it to check-in early. That way, you can head straight to security when you arrive at the airport. No hassle! 

Emirates, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and many more airlines have optimized apps perfect for your next trip!

Tip #2: Maintain Your Airline Status

Make sure your frequent-flier number is attached to all your airline reservations. Your airline status will be updated and you can eventually reach Silver, Gold, or Platinum status! Even if you’re not flying with your usual airline, there is a chance that the airline you’re on is collaborating with another airline you fly more often (thanks to partnerships!). In this way, you can earn airline miles on every single flight you take.

Tip #3: Keep Up With Real-Time Flight Reports

Google your airline code and  flight number to track flight statuses, on-time performances, weather conditions, and even the flight history of your specific aircraft, all in real time so that if your plane is delayed, you can be the first to know and the first to get rebooked!

Tip #4: Bring Your Own Water Bottle 

Avoid single-use plastic bottles/cups by bringing an empty travel water bottle with you instead. Some are even collapsible to save you space, and more airports have installed water bottle filling stations next to drinking fountains to make carrying your own that much more convenient. Dehydration can worsen jet lag, so this is even more important for international flights! 

Tip #5: Dress Smart

When deciding what to wear to the airport, you’ll want to keep airport security in mind! Skip the belt and chunky jewelry (since you will be asked to take these items off), wear a jacket you can take off, and opt for shoes you can slip off easily. We recommend you wear socks because no one wants to walk barefoot through security.

Plus, since you will be checking your ticket multiple times while you’re at the airport, wear something with pockets so you can easily access your phone and passport.

Bonus Tip: Bring The Essentials

After the whole pandemic conundrum, you should check your airline’s guidelines for travel as well as your destination’s requirements for incoming visitors. Stash extra face masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, and any other essentials in both your carry-on and checked luggage so you’re never without them!

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