With the spring season just around the corner, March turns out to be the best travel month. Even more because many festivals and events take place around the world every month. If so much happened in March. Starting from amazing parties to sporting events. Here is a list of the most exciting events taking place just for you in March.


1. Cherry blossom time, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Cherry blossom time, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Cherry blossom season in Japan starts towards mid of March and you will receive hundreds of articles and thousands of pictures. And why not? The cherry blossom season in Japan that starts the spring season is indeed worth all the hype. In general, the Japan Meteorological Corporation publishes a cherry blossom forecast every year. And according to this forecast, Tokyo will witness this pink sky from March 15 this year. After knowing the dates, why should you wait until the last minute to book your vacation? Plan it here and come back with wonderful memories.

2. Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

When: March 6th to 9th, 2020 The Moomba Festival has been celebrated since 1955 and presented by the City of Melbourne. It is Australia’s largest community festival. Performers, live music, artists, workshops, parades, carnivals, games, water sports, fireworks every evening. The Moomba Festival offers all the ingredients of an epic festival! The best part? It’s free! What do you want more Simply book your hotels and travel tickets and go to the country in Down Under!


3. Head of the River Race, London, England

Head of the River Race, London, England

Happening on March 21st, 2020, Head of the River Race is extremely popular. The first Head of the River Race took place in 1926. At that time it was only held to encourage rowing enthusiasts to practice during the winter season. Today, this event receives hundreds of submissions from crews (rowing teams) scattered around the world. If you want to experience this sporting spectacle, go to the Thames on the morning of March 21st. Don’t forget to pack a picnic brunch!

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4. Falles, Valencia, Spain

Falles, Valencia, Spain

Happening between 15th to 19th March, 2020, The Falles Festival is celebrated towards the end of the feast of Saint Joseph and is a mixture of tradition, culture and art. The residents of the city are a wonderful spectacle and create huge paper mache sculptures that they fill with gunpowder. The judges decide which sculpture is the best, and on the last day of the festival, the winner’s sculpture is the only one that survives. The rest of the sculptures are set on fire as the city breaks out in a frenzied feast. Parades, costume parties and fireworks follow. I hope you enjoy celebrating your way through March!

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5. Vancouver Fashion Week, Canada

Vancouver Fashion Week, Canada

This event is special for all fashionistas out there and it taking place towards the end of March to April beginning. Vancouver Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in North America. This is just one of the many reasons to visit this chic fashion extravaganza. With promising new designers and popular labels, Vancouver Fashion Week has been celebrating raw talent in fashion for 32 seasons. A fashionable reason to plan a trip to Canada!

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6. St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland

St. Patrick's Day, Dublin, Ireland

Despite some debauchery in many parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a fun, family-friendly celebration. Of course there are festivals and will happen on March 17th, 2020, but they are all inclusive and focus more on creative exploration than exploitation. This day celebrates life and marks the death of the 5th century Irish bishop. He is also a witness to the St. Paddy Day parade in Dublin.

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7. Bali Spirit Festival, Indonesia

Bali Spirit Festival, Indonesia

If you prefer peace then the Bali Spirit Festival is just right for you in March. Starting from 29th March till 5th April. The Bali Spirit Festival is a mixture of yoga, peaceful meditation, soulful songs, rhythmic dances and healing methods. It also shows traditional Balinese performances.

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