Not many people give tips for a successful visa interview in Pakistan. A real reason lies behind every Schengen or any other visa rejection. Schengen tourist visa interview and questions are the same as any other visa interview. Both visa interviews differ in one way, namely in the Schengen visa interview in Pakistan applicants meet directly with diplomatic officials. It is important to be aware of what you should not do during a visa interview. In most cases, visa applicants spend a great deal of effort and energy gathering their documents. Consequently, the interview is not given the significance it deserves. 

The visa interview is the most important part of the entire visa application process. Visa decisions are more likely to be positively impacted by an effective interview. So many want to know what type of questions are asked in an embassy? We can’t be sure about that but this article points out a few of the most common mistakes that people make when they are interviewing. Below are a few visa interview tips for the applicants.

1. Not Prepared Well for the Visa Interview Questions. 

When you are prepared for an interview, you will be better able to handle it. Researching and preparing common and the appropriate answers in advance will benefit you in the interview. Many people look over the visa interview preparation process but one must go fully informed in the interview.

2. Not Providing Truthful Information.

Providing truthful and complete information is extremely important in visa interview questions and answers. The result of inaccurate or incomplete information is unnecessary delay. Any false information you provide in the future will severely impact your chances of getting a visa. Furthermore, you may face legal proceedings against you.

3. Providing Incomplete Documentation.

Ensure that you have all the necessary documentation, with complete and authentic information. Make sure you are aware of all the requirements and prepare your documentation accordingly. Documentation that is well organized can also leave a positive impression on the consulate officer.

4. Providing Unnecessary Extra Information.

One of the major visa interview tips is that applicants must never provide any information unnecessarily without being asked. People who are trying to be overconfident and over smart tend to provide more detailed answers than necessary. Having more detailed answers may trigger further questions that are not in your favor, unfortunately leading to rejection of the visa.

5. Having Poor Communication.

You cannot have a successful case with poor communication being the number one factor affecting your case. During your appointment, you will need the services of a regional language interpreter if your English is poor.

6. Appearing to be Nervous.

Being confident can yield positive results in the visa interview. Especially, in case of a visa interview where a consulate officer has to rely on the limited information provided by you. How you respond to questions, your body language, and the authenticity of your answers heavily influence their judgment.

7. Disagreeing With The Visa Official.

One reason why the visa interview might go wrong is arguing with the visa official. Your increased tone of voice and disrespectful approach to the visa official only indicates that you are a destructive individual who does not respect the authority of the diplomatic office.

You should use elegant language and a calm voice when clarifying the exploratory issue instead of using simple language.

8. Skipping Questions or False Answers.

For people applying for a visa, the interview is simply a way for the diplomatic office to establish in depth if the information on their application form is correct and honest. If the visa official asks you a sensitive question, attempting to avoid answering it will not protect you. In addition, providing false information won’t get you a good result, as the diplomatic office will verify your information during the interview and on the visa application forms. The best advice is to be open and direct with the visa official, no matter what the question is. Bear in mind that the diplomatic office can check your travel history for a Shechgen visa.

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