Istanbul stretches across two continents and is a city divided by the narrow waterway, the Bhosphorus.

The city is characterized by a mixture of European and Asian culture and visitors feel the contrasts with every round.

It would take months or even years to really explore and understand the city’s culture and energy, but we highlighted our favorite pastimes in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia

hagia sophia

Hagia Sophia is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It was once a church and a mosque and is now one of the most visited museums in the world.

Grand Bazaar

grand bazar istanbul

A short walk down the street will take you to the Grand Bazaar for the most exciting shopping experience you’ll ever have. There are more than 5,000 shops in the Grand Bazaar covering 60 streets. It was an important trading center from the 15th century.

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Galata Tower

galata tower

The Galata Tower offers a beautiful view of the city. It is located north of the Golden Horn in the Galata district.

The Blue Mosque

blue mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is Istanbul’s most famous attraction and the best that Istanbul has to offer. A visit to the city would not be complete without keeping an eye on the beauty of the city. It is known under the more general name The Blue Mosque because the walls of the interior are covered with blue tiles. It’s still a functioning mosque, but visitors can enter if they follow the rules. Long pants should be worn and women should have their shoulders and heads covered.

Istiklal Avenue

istaklal square

Istiklal Avenue, which is visited by almost 3 million people daily, is the pulsating heart of Istanbul.

Turkish Coffee


If there was one thing that you should try in Turkey, it has to be Turkish coffee.

Cruise the Bhosphorus

bhosphorus bridge

You have to visit the Asian side of the city when visiting Istanbul. How often can you visit two continents in a few minutes and don’t even have to go through customs!

Play Backgammon

blackgammon game

While strolling through the city you will see many older men playing. The game of choice is backgammon and you have to try it.

Visit a Turkish Bath

turkish bathYou can’t visit Istanbul without experiencing the craziness of a Turkish bath, also known as a traditional hammam.

Visit Hafiz Sweets

hafiz sweets

Luxury baklava, rich in pistachios. Soft and luxuriously scented snacks of authentic Turkish delicacies. One must visit Hafiz Sweets to enjoy the Turkish delights

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