A brand new attraction has opened its doors in Dubai. The city welcomes its first 3D Trick Art Museum. The 3D world Dubai is the largest of its kind in the world with an area of ​​23,000 square meters. It is right on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Islamic Noor subway station (near the Oasis Mall).

With 185 hand-painted works of art by artists from all over the world, there are 9 different subject areas. These include Fantasy Land, Water World and Animal Kingdom, and 3D World Dubai invites visitors to immerse themselves in the art and become part of the worlds they have created.

All you need is for you and your phone to take some really worth seeing pictures.

shark dubai 3d

There are nine zones to immerse yourself in, each with a different theme: illusion, Arabic, Egyptian, water world, animal kingdom, world of masterpieces, fantasy, forest and humor.

When you become part of art, you get serious material for the “grief” – you get your own angel wings, enter a small gingerbread house or even get hosed down by a storm trooper.

snake 3d dubai

The project took seven years and was launched by a husband and wife, Raman Ticku and Schakun Singh, who were inspired by a cartoon museum in Phuket during a family vacation and have been building the idea ever since.

Whether you fly on a magic carpet in Arabia, run over nails in Egypt or flee from an elephant in the animal kingdom, you will become part of some worlds that you know and sometimes only dreamed of.

It is the perfect day for the whole family.

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