Yugo Journey is a brand new venture developed with the mission to inform, encourage, and assist enthusiastic explorers! We believe in inspiring you to visit places you never even considered and finding gems hidden away in this beautiful world.

Our Story

In 2017, Yugo became Pakistan’s leading travel-tech platform designed to be an all-inclusive online trip planner. Utilizing our efficient Visa and flight booking services, clients can plan multi-destination tours and customize their itineraries by adding activities, switching hotels, and changing transport methods!

Why Yugo Journey?

Yugo Journey is your one-stop source for keeping up with all traveling trends and news.  Stay tuned with international events with our up-to-date articles and blogs. Whether you need information on renewed airport guidelines or travel oddities, we’re here to help!

That’s not all! Our carefully researched travel guides will allow you to explore confidently. We cover the best hotels to stay in, the most spectacular locations to visit, and where you can find delectable (and halal) food. In a series of lists and recommendations, you will know everything there is to know before you even get on the plane!

Let’s begin your YUGO JOURNEY!