If you have the stress of missing out on Blessed Friday deals and looking for an alternative to an expensive toy, there’s nothing to worry about. Give your children experiences and time, it may be better for their soul Understanding!

In a study released in 2017 by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers interviewed nearly 500 women between the ages of 18 and 93, asking “When does most people feel loved?”and the most popular answers had nothing to do with receiving a material object.

“Our research found that micro-moments of positivity, like a friendly word, cuddling with a child or receiving compassion, made people feel most loved,” said one of the study’s authors – Dr. Zita Oravecz, professor of human development and family research at Pennsylvania State University.

In a 2017 conversation with UK outlet The Telegraph, psychological author Oliver James emphasized: “Give a gift to a 2 year old and she will be immersed in the box instead.”

“It’s the same with children and when traveling. We should let them explore their own ways to find wonders around them,” James advised.

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Aside from a possible increase in long-term happiness, holidays can make children smarter, wrote British child psychologist Dr. Margot Sunderland 2017 in an article for The Telegraph.

“It is a less known fact that vacation can promote brain development in children,” she said. “This is because on a family vacation, you train two genetically anchored systems deep in the limbic area of ​​the brain that are all too easily ‘not trained’ at home.”

“These are the PLAY system and the SEEKING system (Panksepp 2016),” Sunderland continued, explaining that the brain’s PLAY system is used every time you put your child’s feet in the sand, on the sand Pool lounger tickle or take a ride on your back. The SEEKING system is used for every joint exploration: the forest, the beach, a hidden gem of a village. ”

“When you take your child on holiday, you support their investigative urge, an important resource for a good life and their ability to play.” she added. “In adulthood this means that you can play with ideas – for example for an accomplished entrepreneur.”

Image (Happy child traveling in an aero plane) Image (Confident / accomplished Child)

James told The Telegraph that it should be noted that vacations “physically remove us from our everyday lives, where everyone is focused on achieving goals. These are times when everyone can relax and play together.”

This collaborative playtime – without toys and technologies with a solo focus – is “a crucial human experience, especially for children, but also for adults. Without them, life is very empty and without joy, ”he added.

“Children see the world differently,” said James about the benefits of traveling with younger people. “Through consumption, for example, the way French cafes offer Orangina instead of Fanta is fascinating for children, and details like that will be preserved long after the holiday ends.”

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