Makkah is religious, historical and has lots of significance. The city which is there since the beginning of the world itself. Below are some of the amazing facts that we would like to tell you about this fabulous city:

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  • The world’s most expensive building is the city of Makkah.
  • Makkah is the oldest city in the world.
  • Makkah is the only city in the world where markets are open 24/7.
  • The clock tower situated in the city of Makkah is the highest in the world and can be seen from a distance of 30 kilometers. To make this, there were about 100 million pieces of glasses were used.
  • There are around 2 million residents of Makkah but during the time of Hajj the population goes up to 5 million people.
  • As far as crime rate is concerned, Makkah is considered as the safest city in the world where women feel extremely safe.
  • In terms of cleanliness, Makkah is the cleanest city in the world. All the waste of the city is buried in the mountains that are 70 kilometers away from the city.

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  • One of the best technologies are used in the city of Makkah. In order to pump water from the well of ZamZam there are machines installed underground which work on their own without human intervention.
  • The world’s best sound system is installed in the Holy Mosque of Makkah, Khana Kaaba, and it was designed specifically only for Kaaba.
  • The well of Zamzam is around 4000 years old. In the entire city of Makkah there is no water underground apart from this and water is been consumed from this well for the last 4000 years. This is miracle in itself.
  • You will find Muslims from all over the world in the city of Makkah.
  • The highest number of chicken and mutton is slaughtered in the city of Makkah.
  • Makkah is the first city in the world that has an air conditioner installed almost everywhere to the extent that you will also find one in small shops, washrooms and kitchens.
  • There is no irrigation in this city of the world, yet you will find everything available here, which included around 200 types of dates.

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  • Yet there is no river or pond in Saudi Arabia, still till date there is never a shortage of water in the city of Makkah.
  • There are no trees seen in the city of Makkah, still you can breathe fresh air in this city which is an astonishing fact.
  • Makkah is the most sacred city in the world in which our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born and Muslims all over the world are willing to protect this city.

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