Hundreds of wild Thai monkeys swarm in downtown Lopburi, Thailand, because the tourists who usually fed them fled due to Covid-19.

A video of the horde of monkeys running and fighting against each other in Lopburi city center went viral on social media.

According to the Bangkok Post, the monkeys generally come from two different gangs – temple monkeys and city monkeys. Since there are no tourists in the Thai city, due to the slowdown in tourism, there was no one who fed the monkeys, which led to gang war.

One person who made the video told the release that these monkeys looked more like wild dogs than monkeys because they went crazy for the only piece of food.

She went on to say that she had never seen monkeys so aggressive and she thought that these monkeys were very hungry. “There are usually a lot of tourists here who feed the monkeys, but now there aren’t that many because of the corona virus,” she concluded.

The corona virus, which has now spread to 132 countries around the world, is now affecting animals.

According to the United Nations Health Department, the death toll has reached nearly 5,000 worldwide, while the worldwide number of cases has exceeded 132,000 and about 68,000 victims have recovered so far.


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