A quiet and quaint Italian town is everyone’s dream vacation. A quiet hilltop village where the mundane drudgery of city life doesn’t knock on your door for a set time sounds perfect.

Imagine being paid to spend some time there, or better yet, to live there. This is a unique offering that popped up in a small medieval village in Italy called Santo Stefano di Sessanio. A substantial sum of money is paid for everyone who lives in a picturesque village and starts a business.

There are currently around 115 people living in the village, 13 of whom are younger than 20 years and 41 are older than 65 years.

The city council believes it is essential to ensure that there is “sustainable and sustainable development” in the village and not a slow and agonizing death.

Speaking to CNN Travel, Mayor Fabio Santavicca said: “We are not selling anything to anyone. This is not a business move. We just want to enable the village to continue to live.

For the new residents, they are given a property that supports them. They are also paid € 8,000 per month for the first three years, which is a little over € 24,000 in total. At the same time, the city council will give them € 20,000 to start a business in the village.

However, this property is not rent-free. The residents also have to pay a “symbolic” rent, which Santavicca and the other village authorities have yet to find out what exactly is “symbolic” in this regard.

Also, not everyone can apply for this program. This applies to people residing in Italy who are 40 years of age or younger. In addition, they have provided a list of the companies that are approved under this system, e.g. B. Guides, information office workers, maintenance workers, pharmacy owners, as well as those who can sell groceries in the area.

There have been around 1,500 applicants since it started on October 15, but the city council will narrow it down to 10 people or just five couples. The mayor has assured that the numbers will be gradually increased.

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