From local eateries to swish restaurants that promise perfectly put together dishes (that are permissible to eat), we’ve generated a list of some of the best Halal restaurants in London.

1. Sage & Chilli, Bloomsbury

Sage & Chilli, Bloomsbury

Sage & Chilli is known for its first-class meat, in particular for its 21-day beef, and offers modern European cuisine with a typical Italian flair. The restaurant at St Giles London Hotel in the heart of the West End combines authentic family-style dishes with creative, modern finesse. It is popular with guests and locals alike and is known for its genuine, friendly service and unforgettable taste.

The absolute favorites include the smoked duck and beetroot with horseradish, mascarpone and hazelnuts. And let’s not forget the gourmet cheeseburger with Aberdeen Angus beef, Emmental cheese and the most crispy fries you have ever seen.

2. Tamarind, Mayfair

Tamarind, Mayfair

Tamarind is known for its modern twist on the exotic flavors and textures of India and is an absolute delight for the senses. It was the first Indian restaurant in London to be awarded a Michelin star, and there’s no question why. It is the perfect combination of delicate and strong colors, bright white tones and lively colors. Each dish aims to reinterpret traditional Indian cuisine and seduce you with every sip.

Must-try dishes include Dungar Chicken Tikka from Tandoor, Kathiyawadi Lamb Curry with freshly ground spices and Tandoori Quail with gooseberry marinade. Don’t hold back on the naan bread; it is nothing but life-changing.

3. House of Ho, Fitzrovia

House of Ho, Fitzrovia

The House of Ho reflects the rich cultural diversity of London and offers something for everyone with its unique brand of pan-Asian fusion cuisine. The lively menu with Vietnamese and Thai character offers a delicate harmony of taste, texture, color and surprise. While some fusion kitchens completely miss the boat, House of Ho manages to delight with every sip. Located in the hectic streets of Fitzrovia, it is a peaceful haven that offers guests a moment of wellbeing.

While the only halal meat they serve is chicken, their pescatarian and vegetarian options are equally delicious. Recommended dishes include glazed spicy chicken wings, popcorn prawns, and a hearty bowl of chicken pho.

4. Mamounia Lounge, Mayfair

Benares, Mayfair

The Mamounia Lounge is another gem in hip Mayfair and offers authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, exciting cocktails and a lively decor. The extensive menu offers everything from slow-cooked tagines and mezzes to extensive grill specialties. The delicate scents and aromas of Lebanon and Morocco float through the air and let your taste buds ride on the ultimate magic carpet.

The favorites include classic mezze delicacies such as hummus, moutabel, mamoinia arayes and falafel. Another top selection is the mixed grill with lamb fatayel, lamb kafta, chicken kafta and the famous chicken tajine.

5. Benares, Mayfair

Benares, Mayfair

Benares, recently awarded the first Michelin star, gives the delicious Indian cuisine a feeling of refined liveliness. Located in busy Mayfair, the hotel is beautifully elegant, with strong spices and an increased taste profile. With a focus on combining British ingredients with Indian innovation, it’s a really modern experience.

All the lambs and chickens on the menu are halal. The top dishes to order include Hiran Ki Boti from New Forest Wild, Biryani and Garam Masala Jus, complemented by braised cabbage puree and tender stalk broccoli. For a tempting starter, try the “Haran Chana Pattice” made from green chickpea pie, aubergine and chilli chokha and a little tomato chutney.

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6. Yalla Yalla, Soho

Yalla Yalla, Soho

With the slogan “Directly from the heart of our grandmothers”, Yalla Yalla shouts for home-style cooking and hospitality. The family-run company prides itself on authentic, delicious recipes that offer generosity and warmth from the Middle East with every sip. From small plates with tempting mezze to dishes that are finely cooked over coals, it is both characterful and tasty.

Must-try dishes include grilled marinated chicken touk with garlic sauce and naturally juicy lamb shish kebab served with traditional Lebanese sumac salad.

7. The Great Chase, Islington

The Great Chase is one of London’s only dry bar restaurants and focuses on delicious food for everyone regardless of their nutritional needs. They offer professionally mixed non-alcoholic cocktails and complement the innovative and refined menu in a wonderfully relaxed environment. The dishes should offer something for every taste, every appetite and every selection. a refreshing approach with excellent taste.

With a focus on Halal, the world is your oyster with this menu. Top picks include slow-cooked legs of lamb with Harissa rose glaze, beans, cassoulet and pickled lemon, and the 35-day Angus sirloin with an inlaid shiitake.

8. Stax Diner, Soho

. Stax Diner, Soho

Looking for the ultimate American festival? Stax Diner delivers in spades with the home-style kitchen that is inspired by the deep south. Reputed to be the “most chaotic burgers in town”, it may not be our first date, but it promises an experience you’ll never forget. The menu offers a range of tasty classics full of flavor, from burgers and popcorn prawns to waffles, wings and shakes.

The top dishes include the Stax Insanity Burger with two grilled beef patties and crispy chicken breast, covered with American cheese, house salad and hot sauce. Then there are the deliciously messy dozen sticky buffalo wings served with blue cheese sauce, celery and coleslaw.

9. Chai Wu, Knightsbridge

Chai Wu, Knightsbridge

Chai Wu in Harrods specializes in modern Asian cuisine. The menu offers a diverse selection of specialties with only the best ingredients. From Chilean sea bass dumplings with gold leaf to Peking duck with Alaska king crabs – they are nothing more than luxurious. See the stylish, open kitchen while the chefs create their magic – a beautiful, elegant experience.

Favorites include slow-cooked Wagyu ribs that are perfectly seasoned and Cantonese-style veal steak accompanied by spring onions and mixed vegetables.

10. The Banc, West Green

The Banc, West Green

Known as North London’s best burger and steak house, The Banc has been halal certified for over 6 years. Her focus on local, fresh products and finely matured meat ensures that her menu leaves an unforgettable impression. With a feeling of warmth and airy sophistication, The Banc is one of the top rated restaurants in London, an institution of quality.

Recommended dishes include the lamb burger with mint mayonnaise, the rib-eye steak burger with honey glaze mustard and the 21-day T-bone steak. Pages are optional here, but you can’t go wrong with a few kitschy hand-cut chips

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