Sydney is one of the most magnificent cities with its iconic attractions, impressive waterfronts and laid back charm. If you’ve just arrived, take a stroll along Circular Quay and stop by the Sydney Opera House. If you’ve brought a pair of comfortable shoes, the walk across the impressive Sydney Harbor Bridge is also a must.

Beach lovers can head to Bondi, Manly and Coogee Beach to enjoy the sea breeze and waves. If you’re looking to mark great memories, Glebe Markets is perfect for vintage finds, as well as Paddington Markets and The Rocks. After all these walks and sightseeing, travelers looking for halal food will not be disappointed with the options available in the city.

From authentic Malaysian cuisine to traditional Lebanese delights to halal Portuguese dishes, there are choices of dishes suitable for Muslims all over Sydney for all tastes! We’ve cut best restaurants to visit when your stomach starts to rumble.

1. Ogalo


Let’s face it, Muslim travelers, you just want halal fast food when you travel! Ogalo makes great, low-budget meals when you’re trying to spend your money. Specializing in chicken, burgers and Portuguese style wraps, this burger opens until late. Fish and vegetarian dishes are also available! You will be happy to know that Ogalo City Sydney is halal certified.

2. Zaaffran


Zaaffran is more expensive, but being one of the best halal restaurants in town, it’s worth every dollar! This family restaurant serves delicious Indian dishes such as naan, tandoori and kebabs. For more adventurous Muslim foodies, you can try Goa-inspired dishes like the Tingmo Balchao Burger. End your meal with the classic Gulab Jamun!

3. Mamak


Who can resist Indian Malaysian street food? With quick, friendly service and mouthwatering food, Mamak is a great joint for Muslim travelers. Immerse yourself in their authentic satay, mee goreng mamak and fluffy Roti Canai while you watch the expert of the roti maker flip it through the air. Of course, this will not be complete without a cup of pulled tarik!

4. It’s Time For Thai

It’s Time For Thai

This family restaurant chain is proud to offer authentic Thai dishes. If you prefer to stick to familiar dishes, you will not go wrong with their Pad Thai, chicken with basil and green curry. With large portions, their meals are perfect for Muslim travelers looking for a great budget option. Nothing better than a very hot Tom Yum soup to keep you warm on cold winter nights. Remember, it’s time for Thai!

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5. Shalom Indonesian Restaurant

Shalom Indonesian Restaurant

Famous for its Ayam Presto Kremes (crushed fried chicken), the Indonesian restaurant Shalom is a must visit for Muslim travelers looking for Indonesian delicacies. The classics – from gado gado and iga penyet to sup buntut and soto ayam – never miss a beat. It is no wonder that many Indonesians who stay in the city also return. This hidden gem brings a little slice of home to the bustling city!

6. Café Nur Muhammad

Café Nur Muhammad

Stock up on Malaysian dishes here at Café Nur Muhammad! This is another great choice for those who feel homesick. Don’t let the humble decor of the restaurant fool you, as this place offers one of the tastiest Malaysian dishes such as rendang beef, nasi kerabu, lamb curry and percik chicken.

7. Volcano’s Steakhouse

Volcano’s Steakhouse

For the ultimate steak and western food, you can’t beat the Volcano’s Steakhouse! Although not located in the center of Sydney, the half hour train ride from the city is well worth your time.

Meat lovers can indulge in various cuts ranging from T-bone to rump, ribeye and scotch fillet. If you are coming in a large group, there is also a range of succulent beef and lamb ribs to share! Otherwise, there is also a selection of hamburgers.

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8. Rashays Harbour Side

Rashays Harbour Side

Located right at the iconic Darling Harbor, Rashays Harborside is a popular restaurant where Muslim travelers can enjoy halal burgers, pizza and Western dishes. For those who love wagyu beef, you will know that it is also served in this restaurant!

Breakfast is also served throughout the day, so there’s never a bad time to get Benedict eggs. The range of decadent sweet treats is also incredible – from pavlovas to Nutella waffles!

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