Toronto’s best halal restaurants range from juicy blessed burgers to Afghan cuisine to Egyptian brunch. There’s no shortage of halal-friendly dishes in town, and the best part is that it’s usually pretty cheap.

Below is the best halal restaurants in Toronto:

1. Maha’s Restaurant

Maha’s Restaurant

Maha’s is a new Egyptian brunch spot that has been taking place in Greenwood north of Gerrard for just over a month. It’s the kind of room where you almost feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s bright and welcoming home to eat.

2. Ozzy’s Burger

Ozzy’s Burger

Ozzy’s Burgers is a halal burger where everyone else in Toronto gets their money’s worth.

They specialize in messy, sky-high burgers, loaded with toppings and sauces, fresh, handmade patties and equally epic sandwiches.

3. College Falafel

College Falafel

College Falafel has been specializing in a type of falafel that mixes chickpeas with fava beans since the early 2000s, unlike many stores that only use chickpeas. Their type of falafel and kebab is more Mediterranean than oriental.

They are also known for their late hours, their proximity to tram and bus stops, making their place the perfect destination for a filling, soothing midnight snack.

4. Federick Restaurant

Federick Restaurant

Federick has set the bar among Hakka lovers for the past 20 years. The hard-to-find place is tiny and carefully camouflaged amid brick office buildings, but still full of loyal customers. Parking is a breeze, but it’s worth it! The crab grain soup and chicken pakoras are worth it.

5. Naan & Kabob

Naan & Kabob

Naan & Kabob is a popular Afghan halal chain with multiple locations in Toronto, including a counter in the Scarborough Town Center.

The mood is less like that of a fatty Ali Baba than it is like an elegant cafeteria that offers a generally accessible version of Afghan cuisine, not too spicy, not too boring and with fresh ingredients.

6. Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods is known for its Middle Eastern cuisine, which is available throughout the city. They both have takeaway and dinner. Saj wraps, kebabs and pizza are available here

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7. Shawarma 360

Shawarma 360

Shawarma 360 is not your average snack: the pita here is all made by hand and they all make their own sauces. The restaurant is also completely halal.

8. Bamiyan Kabob

Bamiyan Kabob

Bamiyan Kabob on Overlea is one of five in the GTA that serves Afghan Halal cuisine for lively lunches and dinners. Bamiyan’s meat is marinated for 24 hours and served in wraps, salads and kabobs along with rice and naan. Everything is freshly prepared on site every day.

9. Kandahar Kabab

Kandahar Kabab

The Kandahar Kabab serves Afghan Kababs and other traditional dishes from the Kandahar region.

The mini chain has several locations in Toronto.

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