Following an increase in the number of corona virus cases in the province, the Sindh government has broadcasted that it will keep all parks and other recreational centers in the province closed. Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar, in compliance with Sindh government policy, also ordered the closure of parks and other entertainment facilities in the city that are under the control of the Karachi City District Government (CDGK), A press release issued here Sunday said. The CDGK has also displayed banners on roadsides and other places, intimidating people about closing parks, zoos, etc. The provincial government has already announced holidays for all educational institutions until May 31, 2020, for the same reason. Meanwhile, a marked decrease in the number of hotel room reservations has been observed due to fear of the coronavirus.

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On top of that, the planned functions / ceremonies were canceled across the country, said the President of the Pakistan Hotel Association, M. Zubair Baweja, in a media chat here. Mr. Baweja, who is also vice president Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry states that in the past three months, hotel room reservations have dropped from 90% to 40%.

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