Broken English incorrect signs across the world


Across the globe you will find many boards that will make absolutely no sense or nonsense. Below are the top picks of those:

1. Airlines, Copenhagen

Airlines Copenhagen

Don’t know if this is a warning or if they are trying to show their network.

2. Hotel bedroom, Japan

Hotel bedroom, japan

Remain decent!

3. Doctor’s surgery, Rome

Doctor's surgery

This is the biggest claim. Impossible for sure.

4. Hotel, Acapulco

Hotel Acapulco

This level of filtration is not acceptable.

5. Restaurant, Nairobi

Nairobi Restaurant

Better eat and go, ignore the rest.

6. Men’s washroom, Japan

Men's washroom Japan

What the hell.

7. Restaurant

7 days a week

Don’t know if there is any concept of “leap week” in some countries.

8. Automatic hand dryer in public washroom

Hand dryer

A polite way of telling people not to use it.

9. Hotel bedroom, Japan

Hotel, Japan

Ahem ahem. This is too direct.

10. Hotel, Zurich

Hotel, Zurich

Someone please tell them that this is impossible for many.

11. Laundry, Rome

laundry, Rome

Concern is little too much.

12. Advertisement for donkey rides, Thailand

Thailand broken english

No, no, no. Stop it. It’s killing me now.

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