Cairo is a diverse and charismatic metropolis,  the nexus of the Arab world and the largest city in Africa. The flourishing capital city of Egypt has over 21 million habitants with more turning up each year from the countryside. Amongst the commotion and bustle, you’ll encounter an enthralling city full of remarkable treasures.

Figuring out what activities to take on during a short trip can be tricky. There are countless articles, features, and blogs on the internet suggesting this and that, so it becomes hard to narrow down your itinerary for each day. This travel guide has been meticulously designed to help you perfect your travel plans for the great city of Cairo

What To Do In Cairo:

Sightsee The Pyramids of Giza

Sightsee The Pyramids of Giza

If you plan to see the Pyramids of Giza, stay at a hotel in Giza for a night or two so you can maximize your day on the site. If you want to avoid large tour crowds, get to the pyramids when they first open – at 8:00 AM. 

It is highly recommended you go with an organized tour service/group for a secure and first-class experience. This approach will rule out the problems of terrible taxi drivers and local scammers. 

Shop at Khan el-Khalili Souk

Cairo’s big bazaar, Khan el-Khalili,  is an ancient trade center. You can walk its historical passageways and shop for souvenirs or find a nice cafe to sit in and enjoy a cup of Egyptian Coffee. Evening hours (around 6:00 PM onwards) are the best time-frames to visit this market, as you can avoid flocks of tourists at every corner. 

Visit Islamic Cairo

The greatest concentration of sights in Islamic Cairo is on Al-Muizz Al-Deen Street. Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Bab Zuweila,, and Al-Azhar Mosque are destinations that can’t be missed!  The Citadel of Saladin is one of the most impressive structures in Cairo and it is a tourist favorite in the area. 

Learn More History at The Egyptian Museum

It can take you approximately 2 hours to see all the exhibitions in The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities. It is suggested to spend at least half a day here. Since the entrance fee is a bit pricey, do not rush it and really spend some time learning more about Egypt and how it came to be!

Where To Eat In Cairo:

Where To Eat In Cairo

Almost all the restaurants in Cairo serve halal food. Some of the best restaurants to eat in Cairo include:


The open kitchen at Culina offers both temptation and entertainment. Chefs at the all-day dining restaurant prepare an array of international and local dishes, offering buffet-style for breakfast and lunch, while a la carte for dinner!

Al-Khal Egyptian Restaurant

Throughout the centuries, Egyptian cuisine has been part of the country’s heritage, history and romantic past. At Al Khal, the finest authentic Egyptian dishes and delights are brought to you in a classic setting with a modern twist and traditionally perfect service.


Experience the finest Turkish cuisine in Cairo. Nişantaşı offers atmospheric dining in a relaxing setting that attracts people from far and wide. The experience is unlike any other, from dishes to share with family and friends to the ceremonious flourish of a sealed terracotta cooking pot cut open at your table.

Pizza Bar 

Pizza Bar offers a contemporary outdoor dining experience. Enjoy a light meal at their modern terrace overlooking the gardens and the swimming pool area. The Pizza Bar team would be delighted to prepare a broad range of refreshing cocktails and mocktails while enjoying a perfect Shisha set up at an authentic Shisha corner by the pool. 

Namaste Indian Restaurant

Indian artwork, natural wood floors and atmospheric lighting complement the authentic and exotic dining experience at Namaste Restaurant. From the show-cooking area, you can watch their skilled Indian chefs delicately prepare Tandoori and fresh Naan. 

How To Get Around Cairo:

How To Get Around Cairo

Rideshare Apps:

Uber and Careem are both very commonly used to get around Cairo, and they will probably be safer and inexpensive compared to local taxis. Pink Taxi is a Cairo-based ladies-only taxi service for traveling females. 

Cairo Metro:

The Cairo Metro is a great way to avoid traffic jams and busy streets. They are cheap, easy to navigate and also include female-only cars! 

Traditional Souvenirs To Buy In Cairo:

Traditional Souvenirs To Buy In Cairo

Although you’re free to buy whatever you want, these signature items will be a great reminder of your trip!

Mini Pyramids

You can get a whole miniature Pyramids of Giza model as a souvenir. They are one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in Egypt. Other mini representations of Ancient Egypt, such as the Sphinx, are very popular as well.


You can find representations of the insect in a huge range of sizes, colors and materials. Scarab bracelets and necklaces are also popular here and many visitors wear them as a reminder of their trip!


The cartouche, an oval with a name inside written in hieroglyphs, is another souvenir inspired by the Ancient Egyptians. They are sold on different materials, such as alabaster and stone, as souvenirs for tourists.

Needless to say, Cairo is a crazy and invigorating adventure. Past all the hustle and bustle lies a city rich with history and wondrous people. If visiting Cairo is on your bucket list, Yugo and other travel companies are offering great deals this fall!

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