On September 7, Yugo celebrated 5 years of innovation and success! Yugo was envisioned to be a customer-centric platform for international travel. In 2017, this dream was brought to life by a handful of driven individuals. Their dedication and commitment helped Yugo grow from a humble start-up to a fully-functioning company.

Due to our passionate team, Yugo became the first of its kind to offer an online holiday customization and booking engine. We provide integrated travel services ranging from Holidays, Umrah, Hotels, Visa Services, and Travel Insurance to customers nationwide. Even today, Yugo is the leading travel-tech company in Pakistan! 

But who dreamed up this groundbreaking business, you might ask? None other than Yugo’s CEO & Founder, Ahmed Hannan Kayani! Hannan is a true innovator in today’s day and age. After offering his services in different companies, Hannan decided to concentrate his skills on an ingenious venture. Yugo, our travel tech start-up, was a fruitful result of his tireless momentum and positive energy! Instead of struggling his way up the corporate ladder, he invested his time and efforts in a much more productive space. Witnessing the immensely positive response to Yugo over the years, he knew he had created something truly special. 

Hannan, Usman Ali and Bajwa
Yugo, like all other travel companies and agencies, faced a trivial time during the
COVID-19 pandemic. After governments implemented restrictions and declared tourism a high-risk activity, nearly all forms of travel came to a halt. Despite the difficulties, these challenging years also presented the opportunity to put ingenious objectives in motion. We have always aimed to provide a multitude of services, expanding from one to another. In 2023, we plan on quintupling our client base across major cities of Pakistan! Expanding to Islamabad, Karachi, and Faisalabad will enable us to facilitate countless Pakistanis to travel abroad. Our team’s persistence empowers us to introduce modernized business tactics and to formulate ground-breaking strategies.

This month marked Yugo’s 5th anniversary, a milestone that could not go without being celebrated. The event kicked off with an inspiring speech from our CEO, Ahmed Hannan Kayani. He talked about all the hurdles faced by the company over the years and how, as a team, we have overcome all of them. 

Our team came together for a mini-ceremony to commemorate their diligent and earnest employees. First we had a round of applause for Yugo executives: Ahmed Hannan Kayani (CEO, Founder), Ahmed Bajwa (Co-Founder), and Usman Ali (Director). Staff members took turns thanking them for their leadership and astounding vision for the company. Together, they cut a cake designed in blue and white to commemorate Yugo’s 5 year journey. 

It’s important to give credit where credit is due. 5 years of Yugo would be impossible without our diligent and earnest employees. Every milestone has been attained because of our passionate team. To express how much we value these individuals, Yugo rewarded them tokens of appreciation. Our star team members, Zainab Noureen (Visa & Ticket Consultant), Shahrukh Khan (Accounts Manager), Muhammad Mehmood Ahmed (Design Lead), Rana Mubashar (SEO Specialist), and Shoaib Mehmood (Business Sales Manager) were honored for their outstanding performance throughout these years. 

Rana Mubashar (SEO Specialist)Shahrukh Khan (Accounts Manager)Zainab Noureen (Visa & Ticket Consultant)
And we are just getting started! We aim for exponential growth and expansion all over the country. With exciting
packages, and unbeatable deals, Yugo will continue to provide the best online travel services in Pakistan. So many exciting things are on the way! A sincere thank you from the team for making us your #1 choice for travel. 

Where will Yugo next?

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