Life literally came to standstill and moment of silence was observed in China on the morning of Saturday, April 4, for 3 minutes. The objective was to honor the people who lost their precious lives fighting against corona virus.

People observed this moment of silence by leaving everything and standing silent at 10 am, China time.

The honor was given to the victims who lost their lives – an honor that the Chinese Communist Party bestowed upon the citizens killed in the service of the country. China awarded this title to Li Wenliang, the doctor in Wuhan, who was censored for causing an early warning about the corona virus.

The three minutes of national mourning took place at the Qingming Festival or “Tomb-Sweeping Day”, where people traditionally visit the graves of their ancestors and make sacrifices to the dead.

This year, however, the government has advised people not to gather in crowds or visit cemeteries in order to comply with the social distance guidelines. Provinces across China have started to lift their bans and travel bans as new infections appear to plateau in the country, but authorities are still cautious.

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