The civil aviation authority suffered losses of PKR 3.6 billion so far as flights were suspended during the corona virus outbreak.

In March 2020, 1681 international and domestic flights were canceled. According to the CAA, around 212 flights were canceled in the first 15 days of last month. The aviation authority lost a loss of PRK 2.7 billion due to the suspension, landing, and other charges on the flights.

The federal government announced on Wednesday that it would suspend domestic flight operations until April 21.

On March 24, the Pakistani government decided to discontinue all types of domestic flights at all airports in the country to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The decision to discontinue domestic flights was made three days after the international flights to the country ceased.

It should be noted that the aviation industry worldwide was severely affected by the outbreak of the corona virus. Experts warned that most airlines will go bankrupt by the end of May due to the deadly virus.

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