Couple who ran Dubai balcony marathon to take it global


A South African couple running a marathon on the balcony of their Dubai apartment and broadcasting them online is planning to make the project global to help people shake off the corona virus blues.

41-year-old Collin Allin and his wife Hilda covered the 42.2 km route by doing more than 2,100 laps of their 20 meter balcony from dawn on Saturday.

A couple’s stopwatch shows that they completed the route in five hours, nine minutes and 39 seconds.

“We did it … #balconymarathon,” Allin said on Instagram, congratulating his wife on her first marathon, and thanking the virtual crowd she was cheering for.

“Thank you for all the love and support for something stupid … it was great to have you on the trip all the time,” he said.

The couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Geena, acted as race director, put up signs with the words “Start” and “Turn Around” and provided her parents with water and snacks as well as inspiring music.

Allin said he planned to next organize a “larger, global, and more inclusive run” where people who are locked up but want to stretch their legs can join for a few miles or more.

“This is about giving people something else to think about,” Allin told media. “It’s about getting people to connect because everyone is concerned about the effects of the corona virus.”

The pandemic has wiped out international sports plans and triggered bans that offer limited opportunities for outdoor exercise in many countries. However, entrepreneurs have found ways to fit into training.

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