Domestic flights likely to be resumed by April 12th


A spokesman from Civil Aviation Authority said: “The government has decided to extend the suspension of all types of domestic scheduled, unscheduled, chartered, private aircraft and general aviation operations until April 11.

However, domestic flights to / from Islamabad International Airport for Gilgit and Skardu airports will continue as usual, he added.

The spokesman said cargo and special flights are exempt from the restriction. In the meantime, the government has decided to extend the suspension of all international flights to Pakistan until April 11.

CAA notice

On March 24, the Pakistani government decided to discontinue all types of domestic flights at all airports in the country with effect from March 6, 6:00 p.m. to curb the spread of the corona virus.

The decision to discontinue domestic flights was made three days after the international flights to the country ceased.

“The Pakistani government has decided, after appropriate consultation with all airlines, to discontinue all types of domestic scheduled / unscheduled charter and private passengers effective Thursday, March 26,” a civil aviation NOTAM read.

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