The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced a two-week ban on international flights to stop the corona virus from entering the country. This has resulted in dozens of British nationals being stuck in Pakistan due to travel restrictions that prohibit international flights to and from the country until April 4th.

PIA had previously announced four special flights to the UK and Canada for stranded foreigners in Pakistan, but canceled them soon after, leaving customers who paid up to three times the fare angry and unsupported.

British nationals stuck in Pakistan have asked the British government to intervene on their behalf, as they did in China and Peru, fearing that international flights will continue to be banned after April 4. Many have said that the British government left them without support and no concern has been shown for their side.

While Pakistan continues to ban travel, UK airports continue to operate despite extremely low flight volumes. The stranded British citizens feel abandoned by the British government as special flights have been arranged for citizens in China and Peru, but not in Pakistan.

Speaking to the Pakistani media, Bradford’s Iftikhar Ahmed, whose family was stranded in Pakistan, said: “My relatives have been stranded in Pakistan. We are concerned about them because there are children and the elderly in the group. The enforcement of a ban in Pakistan and AJK left them with no food or money. We urge both governments to arrange special flights for the thousands of Pakistanis stuck in Pakistan.”

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