Dubai has decided to lift the proposed restrictions on visitor and tourist visas. The decision was made to avoid unnecessary inconvenience for visitors to the emirate.

Dubai had proposed many additional regulations such as six month bank statements, mandatory return tickets and affidavits, hotel reservation details, etc. for people applying for a visitor / tourist visa. Those who applied to visit friends and relatives should have provided information about the host’s home address and a copy of their Emirates ID.

Given the concerns of the travel and tourism industry and the negative impact this could have on the arrival of tourism in the emirate, the government has announced the withdrawal of restrictive clauses for applying for a visitor / tourist visa.

The decision to resume tourism activities in Dubai has contributed significantly to the recovery of various economic sectors in the emirate. The decision to open domestic tourism as early as May and to open the emirate to the international tourism market from July 7th were key elements in Dubai’s recovery plan.

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