Dubai Police use helicopter to warn corona virus #StayHome violators


Dubai uses helicopter and state-of-the-art equipment to reinforce the # StayHomeStaySafe message and sterilize the city’s streets and public areas.

Dubai police are now using helicopters to warn street and rooftop violations and to minimize the spread of fatal Covid-19 disease.

The police have seen the patrol officers playing out awareness messages and warning the public to stay inside.

Dubai has initiated a two-week, 24-hour sterilization trip where all residents are advised to stay indoors, but for important work and emergencies.

The UAE authorities have instructed everyone who emerges from their homes to wear masks and gloves and to maintain social distance to prevent the spread of the disease.

The UAE authorities have repeatedly asked residents in all languages ​​popular with expats to stay at home and only go for emergencies.

The Dubai police said yesterday that they will now name and embarrass violations of the # StayHome anti-proliferation initiative.

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