Emirates prepares to transport Covid-19 vaccines worldwide prepared by Pfizer that is more than 90% effective against the novel coronavirus.

In an interview with international media, Tim Clark, the president of the Dubai-based airline, said Emirates was working to get Pfizer’s vaccine in special containers on its planes.

The front-runner vaccine needs to be stored below -70 degrees Celsius for optimal efficiency, and the Emirates president said the freight forwarder has the facilities for the job.

“We are working to get this Pfizer vaccine in specially designed containers on our aircraft, in our holds and in the cabins, and to keep it at that level through the distribution point,” said Clark.

“We have the chillers, we have the freezers, we have the logistical control for the airline to get these vaccines to several parts of the world where others cannot.”

He said Pfizer’s vaccine would have a positive impact on revitalizing the aviation industry and the global economy as a whole.

While admitting that transporting vaccines poses challenges, he was optimistic, saying Emirates is best placed to meet this logistical challenge. There is a global need to do this, he said.

“The industry is trying to establish third-party supply chain best practices and this logistical exercise to make sure we get them (vaccines) to the markets that need them so badly, and basically that’s the whole planet,” said Clark.

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