The Emirates Group in Dubai asked employees to voluntarily take a leave due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 corona virus.


“We can confirm that the email has been sent to our employees. The vacation we request from employees is voluntary. It is at the employee’s discretion whether they want to accept it or not,” confirmed the airline.

The Emirates Group, a state-owned holding company that includes the airline Emirates as one of its assets, had more than 100,000 employees at the end of March 2019, the end of the last financial year, including more than 21,000 flight attendants and 4,000 pilots.

“At the moment, coping with the effects of the Covid-19 is a particular challenge for us,” says the email as per the news agency.

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“We have seen a measurable slowdown in the business of our brands and a need for flexibility in the way we work.”

In the email, employees who “amassed a substantial annual vacation balance” were asked to consider paid vacation. The company offers unpaid leave to employees in non-operational roles and may offer it to operational employees.

“In any case, we strongly recommend that you take this opportunity if you have the support and consent of your manager,” the email said.

The Emirates Group also owns dnata, which operates airport services and travel agencies worldwide.

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