Emirates is taking additional steps beyond industry and regulatory requirements to ensure the health and comfort of its customers in response to the Covid 19 outbreak.

As a precaution, Emirates has improved the cleaning and complete disinfection of all cabins for all aircraft that depart from their hub in Dubai.

In line with the latest medical knowledge from experts that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted primarily through touch, Emirates has placed the greatest emphasis on surface cleaning.

The airline uses an approved chemical that has been proven to kill viruses and germs, leaves a long-lasting protective layer against new contaminations of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces and is environmentally friendly.

The cleaning process includes a comprehensive wiping of all surfaces – from windows, tray tables, backrest umbrellas, armrests, seats, seat controls, panels, ventilation slots and lockers in the cabin to toilets, kitchens and rest areas of the crew.

All of this is in addition to other normal procedures such as changing the headrest covers on all seats, replacing reading material, vacuuming, and more.

To complete this thorough cleaning process within an hour while the aircraft is preparing for its next mission, a team of 18 trained cleaners on a Boeing 777 and a team of 36 employees are required for an A380.

Around 248 aircraft go through this process within 24 hours on an average day.

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