In the midst of these unprecedented times during the corona virus pandemic, Emirates SkyCargo continues to underline its commitment to Pakistan by breaking records for the transportation of key goods last week.

The cargo airline broke an industry record of 62 tonnes with a Boeing 777-300 that flies from Karachi to Dubai, surpassing its previous record of 56 tonnes earlier this week.

Exports from Pakistan included perishable goods such as meat, fish and vegetables, while imports were mainly pharmaceuticals, testing machines, other medical accessories, industrial machines, drilling equipment and general couriers.

Given the current challenges in global air cargo capacity due to restrictions on passenger flights, Emirates SkyCargo continues to ensure that goods such as food and medical supplies are transported to and from Pakistan with four weekly cargo flights from Karachi and Lahore. The much-needed capacity will help bring essential goods to where they are most needed, keep global supply chains open, and support communities and businesses in Pakistan and around the world.

In recent weeks, Emirates SkyCargo has shipped nearly 100 tons of supplies, including hospital equipment, to Milan and over 55 tons of high temperature sensitive medication to New York. In March and April, the cargo airline will operate nine charter freighters to Budapest to transport face masks and equipment. Emirates SkyCargo also plays an important role in the transportation of food across the Middle East. The special flights from the subcontinent and Africa bring tons of perishable goods to Dubai and on to other destinations in the Middle East.

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