The Empire State Building paved the way for tourism return to NYC. People are eager to get back to exploring the city again and the Empire State Building’s safety protocols and WELL certification ensure guests are safe and having fun. The Empire State Building’s decades of commitment to indoor environmental quality pioneered science-based measures to make the observatory and entire building as safe and healthy as possible for the return of visitors. Because of this commitment and measurable compliance guidelines and strategies, the Empire State Building was the first building to receive the WELL Health-Safety Rating on September 21. The legendary Empire State Building Observatory reopened on July 20th with all the GOOD health and safety precautions.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all new and existing building and room types. The rating recognizes the outstanding performance of the Empire State Building in five categories: cleaning and disinfection processes; Emergency preparedness programs; Health care resources; Air and water quality management; Stakeholder engagement and communication. The WELL Health-Safety Rating certified the building for re-entry into a post-COVID-19 environment.

Visitor safety was a top priority when the $ 165 million renovation of the observatory was completed. Quality standards for the interior such as MERV 13 filtration, the highest possible ventilation and active air cleaning were taken into account. The use of a state-of-the-art bipolar ionization air purification system has been proven to neutralize 99.92% of the coronavirus.

The renovation improved the indoor experience of the Empire State Building. A visit to the building not only includes viewing platforms with incomparable views of New York City, but also allows guests to immerse themselves in the iconic history of the building through the exhibits on the 2nd and 80th floors. The exhibition on the 2nd floor shows the place in the 1920s with historical photography, lifelike bronze sculptures and copper building models. Visitors will experience the excitement of the Empire State Building on opening day in the 1930s. Celebrity, Urban Campus and Kong are other exhibits on display during the visit.

With capacity reduced by more than 80%, New Yorkers and Tristate residents have an unmatched opportunity to experience the newly developed Observatory, a New York experience for New Yorkers. Only 500 guests are allowed in the 70,000 square meter area of ​​the observatories at any one time. This is well below the 25% capacity policy set out in the New York state and city guidelines. This policy also allows for visitor groups to be separated by more than 18 feet.

The Empire State Building Observatory has reopened with new security and guest protocols targeting all types of COVID-19 spread. direct, indirect and aerosol. Since day 1, the building has required guests to socialize and wear masks. Other measures to protect visitors include time-controlled ticketing, contactless temperature checks and advance reservations at Observatory staff have received extensive training in the use of personal protective equipment, new cleaning and disinfection procedures, the back-of-house protocol, and new standards of service to ensure that guests are safe while visiting the world’s most famous building.

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