Airlines based in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad and Emirates, are consistently ranked among the best in the world in terms of safety, comfort and timely performance. Behind the A-grade service, there is a qualified crew that never fails to surprise us.


As the United Kingdom is defeated by Storm Dennis, which gives rise to high winds and fears of flooding, the footage of an Etihad aircrew who skillfully lands their A380 at London Heathrow is gone viral. The passenger plane made a magnificent landing as it fought the powerful winds of Storm Dennis.

The aircraft made an almost vertical landing, sometimes hovering over the runway as it attempted to land. Incredible images show the plane approaching Heathrow Airport. But instead of a smooth, smooth landing, the plane struggled to reach the runway due to incredibly strong crosswinds.

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The aircraft approached the runway almost vertically, hovering a few meters above the ground as it attempted to land safely. At some point, intense winds keep the floating airliner away from the runway, but the skilled pilots of the aircraft quickly make the necessary corrections.

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