The modified Boeing 787 landed at Abu Dhabi International Airport just after 8 a.m. The Greenliner will now be used as a flying “laboratory” for Etihad and Boeing. It will test new technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and make the aviation industry more sustainable. Etihad 787, the most recent, has successfully accumulated its first 7,500 miles from the Boeing campus in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United Arab Emirates. an early departure from the United States. The delivery flight operated with a 30% biofuel blend. This can produce up to 50 percent less CO2 emissions than ordinary kerosene. Registered A6-BHM, the Greenliner is the eighth 787-10 of Etihad and a notable addition to the Abu Dhabi fleet.The pilots on the delivery flight used the Boeing FliteDeck advisor.This uses detailed measurements during a flight to suggest live adjustments which can reduce fu Fuel consumption and jet consumption are also closely monitored. Approaching Abu Dhabi, the Greenliner departed from a standard multi-stage landing and piloted a continuous descent. landing is more efficient than the current approach where an aircraft descends, maintains altitude, and then descends. The aircraft was built to operate as environmentally friendly as possible and will fly on normal routes males, with regular passengers – rather than being reserved for research purposes only.

Etihad's New Greenliner Has Landed In Abu Dhabi.

The 787 Dreamliner already has a solid track record in terms of environmental performance. Greenliner flights will see Etihad and Boeing experimenting with new procedures and initiatives to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide production. More details on the exact sustainable policies that need to be tested have not yet been released, but the results of the project will be shared with the 787 operators Boeing and Etihad also planning to work together. to identify ways to make regular aircraft maintenance more environmentally friendly.

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