The European heads of state and government will ban travel to the continent that is not absolutely necessary, from Today. This is the latest drastic attempt to curb the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken society, affected the markets, and killed thousands around the world.

While French President Emmanuel Macron calls the fight against Covid-19 “war,” governments around the world impose restrictions that are rare in peacetime, cross borders, and force citizens to stay at home.

The crisis hit all sectors of the economy, and Wall Street stocks fell Monday’s worst session since the 1987 crash, despite urgent central bank and government intervention to boost confidence by more than 12 percent.

In a dismal address to the nation, Macron ordered the French to stay at home for 15 days from Tuesday noon. The ban on all non-essential travel or social contacts and warning violations would be “punished”.

With European nations already closing their borders, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she would call on leaders of the bloc’s borderless zone to stop anything unnecessary in the region.

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“In particular, all trips between non-European countries and EU countries are suspended for 30 days,” said Macron in his speech.

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