Residents and tourists can fly to Ras Al Khaimah without a permit from October 15th. They must adhere to procedures and requirements set by the country, which include medical tests and a negative result, before returning within a period not exceeding 15 years for 96 hours.

Travelers or their sponsors should bear the costs of another laboratory test or PCR test and the costs of quarantine if the result is positive. In addition, tourists must meet requirements such as booking travel tickets and taking out health insurance. Tourists are also required to undergo a PCR test four days prior to entry and fill out a medical disclosure form to present to the appropriate authorities. The quarantine procedures for tourists whose medical results are positive are the same as those adopted by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Citizens and residents of the Emirates are allowed to travel to any country according to the scheduled scheduled flights via Ras Al Khaimah International Airport and according to the relevant procedures of each country.

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