Funny road signs across the globe


    Road or sidewalk signs are used to inform drivers of any impending danger and to take the necessary precautions for public convenience. But often traffic signs can turn out to be funny. Here are some examples:

    1. After whisky driving risky

    After whisky driving risky-min

    This is for those who think they can still drive after hard drinks.

    2. Don’t even think of parking here

    Don’t even think of parking here-min

    Should be taken seriously.

    3. Please do not empty your dog here

    Please do not empty your dog here-min

    Maybe the writer forgot one word in between. Let’s give him that benefit.

    4. Sidewalk closed, use the other side

    Sidewalk closed use the other side-min

    A new way to say no entry, maybe.

    5. It is always better to be late, than late Mr.

    It is always better to be late than late Mr-min

    At least some dark realities are told openly.

    6. Physically impossible entry

    Physically impossible entry-min

    The writer was short of words or space.

    7. Warning to tourists, do not laugh at the natives

    Warning to tourists do not laugh at the natives-min

    Why will anyone do that? At least in a place where this is mentioned as a warning J

    8. Drunken people crossing

    Drunken people crossing-min

    Your turn to be a responsible citizen and take full responsibility of others around you.

    9. Touching wires causes instant death. $200 fine

    Touching wires causes instant death 200 fine-min

    Really want to meet someone who paid $200 fine for doing this.

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