The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has instructed national air carriers to comply with the decision to allow entry of Schengen, UK and US visa holders and entry visa holders into EU countries regardless of their origin. There are 26 countries that are subject to the Schengen visa regime.

According to Sabq newspaper, GACA said the decision applies to tourist and business visa holders of all nationalities without exception from the above countries.

Two conditions apply to the entry of these visa holders. First, the visa is valid at the time of arrival at one of the Kingdom’s entry points and remains valid even after the period in which the Kingdom has been visited.

Second, the passport of the visa holder must have an entry visa from the country that issued the visa at least once.

GACA asked national carriers to review their previous conditions for visa holder entry from these western countries.

It is noteworthy that the Authority issued a circular on December 4th instructing national air carriers to obtain Schengen and American visa holders if they wish to visit the Kingdom at any time provided the conditions set by the Authority are met are .

GACA Allows Entry Of Schengen, Visa Holders United Kingdom And USA, Regardless Of Nationalities

Saudia flights operate to New Arar Airport trials

GACA also stated that the test phase of operation of the new Arar airport in the Northern Border Region continues. On Wednesday night, the first Saudi Arabian Airlines arrival and departure flights to and from Riyadh in the new terminal worked successfully. GACA has prepared all the necessary requirements for the trial operation of the new terminal at the Arar airport.

The successful start of the test operation was an exceptional event in the Northern Border Region. It is an extension to achieve the objectives of GACA in infrastructure development and raise the level of services provided to travelers at the airports of the Kingdom. This is one of the methods to contribute to the development process of the region.

In addition, this is a step towards achieving the strategic objectives of the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom and maintaining the great development witnessed in the region in all sectors. The new airport will accommodate the growing growth in the demand for air travel for residents of the region and will be able to provide complete services for travelers according to the highest international standards.

The airport serves many urban centers and small towns in the northern border region. The new airport is a qualitative change in the field of air transport for the region, as it will provide the best technologies and services that in turn will contribute to improving the traveler’s experience, which is in line with the objectives of the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom. It aims to achieve economic development in all regions of the Kingdom. The test operation phase that GACA inaugurated on Sunday at the new Arar airport is a scientific and practical approach that is adopted when implementing most of the world’s most important infrastructure projects. It allows you to test vital facilities in a safe and thoughtful way, where the focus is on testing all operating systems, identifying technical problems and addressing them before the complete and complete operation of the airport.

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