Well, who doesn’t know the name of Nida Yasir. Nida is known for several reasons, she is an actress and has worked in many comic dramas, she is a successful director and has made films like Wrong No, Mehrunisa V Lub U and Wrong No. 2, Nida runs her brand of clothes under the name of Nida Yasir Collection aka NYC and above all she is the most famous host of the morning.


Nida hosts Pakistan’s most-watched morning show “Good Morning Pakistan”. Nida is also known as the Morning Show Queen because she hosts the popular morning show, although her morning show is often criticized for its lame and useless content, but it’s still the most-watched morning show. Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are a beautiful couple, they have three children together. Yasir Nawaz is a successful producer, director and actor.

Popular Visas

His drama Mera Dil Mera Dushamn against Alizeh Shah is currently broadcast on ARY Digital. Yasir Nawaz has also teamed up with Kanwar Arslan to open a restaurant called The Forest. Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir are quite social, they are often seen at parties and gatherings. Lately, Nida Yasir took Instagram to share photographs from her vacation in Prague and the Czech Republic. Let’s take a look at these photos:

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