Life in China is beginning to return to normal after the outbreak of the coronavirus has been largely contained across the country. The locks are lifted and the employees return to work.

China only reported 20 new cases today – a sharp drop from a few weeks ago when the country saw thousands of new infections every day.

The new cases are no longer spread across the country – now new cases are mostly either imported by international travelers or concentrated in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Domestic travel resumes: During the worst outbreak, 1,119 freeway entrances and exits across the country were closed. Now all but two have reopened, according to the state media company Xinhua.

Hundreds of previously blocked roads in counties, cities, and provinces have also been reopened. The national road network is “basically normal” and 28 provinces have resumed travel between provinces, Xinhua reported.

11,198 of 12,028 health and quarantine stations on motorways have been removed.

This is a great contrast to February. A month ago, much of China was essentially closed. Many residents were not allowed to leave their apartment complexes, let alone the city. Some stayed indoors for weeks.

Public transport was restricted even within the cities; In Wuhan and other closed cities, subways were stopped and most taxis suspended, with only a small number of government-issued shuttles and cars running.

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