Government to Shape Pakistan’s First Man-Made Island in Gwadar at a Cost of $ 10 billion


The government plans to build Pakistan’s first “Chand Tara Island” in Gwadar, at a cost of $ 10 billion. The moon and the star which symbolize the Pakistani flag will form the residential areas of the central business district.

Government to Shape Pakistan's First Man-Made Island in Gwadar at a Cost of $ 10 billion

This was revealed in a 78-page master plan which indicates that the project will be a joint venture between the government of Pakistan and a Chinese state-owned enterprise, China Communications Construction Company, with a net worth of more than $ 132 billion. Stretching from Marine Drive to Zero Point on the coast road, the island will include a state-of-the-art amusement park, an art and culture museum, a large theater, a concert hall, an international exhibition center, several hotels, resorts, malls and waterfront walk to name a few.

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The detailed report laid out a plan to make Gwadar the next commercial and economic center of Gwadar in Pakistan and South Asia, its economy exceeding $ 30 billion a year in the long term, expecting it to create about 1.2 million well-paying jobs. This will bring the city’s per capita income to $ 15,000, compared to around $ 1,500 per capita in Pakistan. The master plan proposes to make Gwadar the first tax-free and arms-free economic zone of Pakistan, reserving an investment of $ 5 billion for its electricity sector and another $ 1 billion to ensure the supply of 700,000 cubic meters of fresh water per day through desalination plants.

Government to Shape Pakistan's First Man-Made Island in Gwadar at a Cost of $ 10 billion

Currently, Karachi is the commercial and economic center of the country, sending about 65 million tons of freight by the port each year, the city took about 70 years to obtain this status. However, the port of Gwadar is expected to eclipse the target by 2030 after having been the main trade route with the Middle East, Afghanistan, Central Asia and China.

Being the epicenter of commerce and the economy, the city will have a high-tech security mechanism controlled by video surveillance, vehicle management, urban video and alarm networks and the police. In addition, Gwadar will have a higher education center and a university town dedicated to the technological and medical sectors. Gwadar’s master plan has been approved, sending the Pak-China mega project to the execution phase. With all its sparkle and glitter, the project can prove to be a game-changer for both Pakistan and the region.

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