ISLAMABAD: The world’s first generation dragless aircraft engine, currently under construction in Pakistan for the global aeronautics industry, is expected to be ready between mid and late 2020, revealed the inventor of the technological wonder, the Dr. Sarah Qureshi, speaking to Arab News earlier this week. Qureshi has been working on the project since 2018 to eliminate the negative impact of commercial air carriers on the stratosphere that contributes to global warming.

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One-on-one with this publication, the Pakistani scientist explained the phenomenon of contrails, a visible white band of smoke emitted by the engines of an airplane during the flight, and discussed its harmful effects on the Earth atmosphere. An environmentalist at heart, Qureshi transformed his university research at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom into a business that saved the planet and embarked on a mission to build the first pollution-free jet engine world. The global aviation industry, she said, has ignored the development of technology and has focused more on extracting monetary value by building fuel-efficient engines. With increasing global temperatures, warming oceans, shrinking ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica, shrinking glaciers, declining marine life in the Arctic and ocean acidification as the carbon dioxide levels are skyrocketing, the climate change debate has intensified as activists around the world highlight environmental dangers and try to publicize the phenomenon.

Great News: Pakistani scientist set to unveil world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine

Gaining momentum from Elon Musk’s journey to Mars, the scientist says that “unless you have a confirmed ticket” for the red planet, “which does not have a livable atmosphere”, Earth is the best bet and must be saved. In this video, Arab News gives its readers a quick overview of the invention of Qureshi and the threat that the aviation industry currently poses to the planet.

Great News: Pakistani scientist set to unveil world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine

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