You might be wondering if it’s a joke or satire, but let us tell you, it’s not! It’s really happening and happening soon! How soon? Well, next year!

Hong Kong tourism promotion

To promote tourism in Hong Kong, the tourist board plans to give away half a million free plane tickets in 2023. The Hong Kong Tourism Board has already acquired the tickers from various aviation carriers which included Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express, and Hong Kong Airlines. It is a government-funded assistance program for the aviation industry. According to BBC, the Hong Kong government has announced giving away airline tickets worth HK$2bn ($254.8m; £224.3m) in order to boost the tourism industry that has suffered exponentially since Covid.

Relaxation of Covid rules

Hong Kong is also rolling back several coronavirus rules to facilitate tourists and encourage and invite more people to the city. Last month, the Hong Kong government announced that visitors would no longer be required to enter hotel quarantine or show a negative Covid test before boarding flights to Hong Kong. Travelers would be required to monitor their symptoms for any possible infections of the virus. Flights to and from Hong Kong were in high demand as a result of the news.

Impact of Covid on Hong Kong Tourism

A one-way flight to Hong Kong from London would normally cost around £500 or $1,000 from the west coast of the United States and it’s a big statement of intent from the government to give the Covid-hit tourism industry a big boost through financing tickets for tourists. Hong Kong is a lucrative destination for many tourists, especially from mainland China with millions of people visiting Hong Kong every year pre-Covid, it’s reported by the BBC that over 56 million people visited Hong Kong in 2019. The challenges of the last two years have had a significant impact on Hong Kong’s tourism, and Covid-19 travel restrictions have discouraged people from flying to the city.

Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong Attractions

There are so many reasons to visit Hong Kong. It is well-known throughout the world as a glamorous city and a top destination for luxury shopping. The towering skyscrapers, the congested streets, the lights, the glitter, and the delicious food, all contribute to Hong Kong’s popularity as a tourist destination. Because of its glorious history, Hong Kong has some of the most beautiful avenues for sightseeing in the world. With temples for pilgrims, markets for shoppers, nightclubs for partygoers, and a never-ending variety of cuisines for foodies, Hong Kong sightseeing offer something for everyone.

Hong Kong has a Disney Land as well! How can anyone go to Hong Kong and not visit this most famous Hong Kong tourist attraction for both children and adults? Visit this magical land and enjoy the various colorful and musical shows that are put on, as well as relive your childhood. There’s also a marine-life-based theme park in Hong Kong, Ocean park that promises exceptional entertainment and thrills making it one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has one of the world’s most impressive and recognizable skylines. The dense collection of skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon, combined with the surrounding mountains and harbor, distinguishes this city.

You haven’t seen Hong Kong until you’ve taken in the sights from Victoria Peak, also known as The Peak. To see the skyscrapers, bustling city, harbor, and surrounding islands, take the tram to the top of this scenic viewpoint.  And if you’re fond of history and culture, visiting the Big Buddha and the Wong Tai Sin Temple should definitely be on your bucket list for whenever you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong.

Free tickets in 2023

The Hong Kong Tourism Board says it will release more information about the free plane tickets once all remaining local health restrictions are lifted, with the campaign set to begin in early 2023. Initially, the giveaway would target countries in Southeast Asia. But once they do, it’s still too good of an opportunity to turn down! Stay updated on Yugo for more details!

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