The travel industry, such as airlines and hotels, is most affected by the corona pandemic. Thousands of hotels around the world are now close together. The situation in Pakistan is no different and is causing fear of job losses among countless workers. The Hashoo Group, one of the largest in the country, ensures that its employees are paid during the ban. Longer hotel closures, however, pose a threat to the hotel industry, as hotel management cannot support its employees indefinitely.

More than the corona virus itself, the blockade to curb the spread of Covid-19 adversely affects Pakistani businesses and the economy. With most companies closed, massive layoffs are feared across Pakistan. After the aviation industry, the hotel industry is perhaps the worst affected with all hotels across the country have been closed for a few days.

The Hashoo Group is Pakistan’s largest hotel and hotel chain with its renowned real estate and brand names such as Marriot, Pearl Continental and Hotel Ones in all major cities, northern areas and Azad Kashmir. Apart from Muzzafarabad, a new hotel was built in Mirpur above Lake Mangla. Now all hotels and hotels are closed. “Hotel Ones” across the country have been voluntarily provided by the Hashoo Group for quarantine purposes to help the government provide a separate room for corona patients.

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As a major employer in the hospitality industry, the Hashoo Group has ensured the viability of a disaster preparedness and business continuity plan by ensuring the safety of its employees and mitigating possible risks for them in these challenging times.

The Hashoo Group has therefore taken proactive measures to ensure security. In accordance with government guidelines, the Group has implemented the closure of most hotels. It has also postponed all non-essential projects.

Haseeb Gardezi, Chief Operating Officer of the Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division, tells GVS that the Hashoo Foundation has been mobilized in addition to protecting the interests of its own workforce to help the most marginalized people in practice. The Hashoo Foundation has responded with its humanitarian aid programs with emergency and relief measures.

The foundation owned by the group, by the name of Hashoo Foundation, has launched women’s empowerment program “Hashoo Hunar” has trained women to sew masks for law enforcement agencies.

As mentioned above, several Hotel One hotels are used as official quarantine centers. In addition, the group’s senior executive team voluntarily cut their salaries. The worldwide work from home has also been approved to make work easier for employees. The group tries to control the impact of COVID-19 on its employees.

The aviation sector, which is part of the tourism industry, has come to a complete standstill, and many airlines are at risk of collapse, especially PIA, which already has deficits.


Pakistani provincial governments have banned hotels and restaurants. A major economic blow is feared as services account for 60 percent of Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) and the hotel industry accounts for a large part of it.

The hotel industry is an important employer, and many large groups support their employees in blocking them. However, you will no longer be able to pay salaries in the coming months. The federal government must therefore prepare a package to save this industry.

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