Important Travelling Tips for Pregnant Women

The health of your child and your child is of paramount importance during pregnancy. So there is no doubt that expecting mothers’ want 100% clarity on how to fly safely with their precious cargo. To ensure that you are relaxed when planning your next trip, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Health Check

Every woman and pregnancy is different. Ask your doctor or midwife if you can travel (mine was very helpful). They can also give you tips on medications you can take or not and what you need to do about vaccinations and other disease prevention measures (more on that in a moment).

health checkup

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Wear Maternity Clothing

Maternity pants are the most advisable because they give you and your baby room to move. However, remember to fasten the seat belt deep and around the pelvis to reduce pressure on the baby.

When you are pregnant, your veins and arteries are already under tension and the low cabin pressure does not help. It is important to wear deep vein thrombosis socks and flexible shoes during the flight. Try to stretch your limbs regularly, exercise in your chair, and stay well hydrated.

Wear Maternity Clothing

Ask For A Special Seat

Pregnant women are famous for going to washroom. To make getting up to the toilet easier, book a gangway.

If possible, request a seat with more legroom – or pay extra and book a Premium Economy or Business Class ticket.

Ask for a Special Seat

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