Business class passengers who paid thousands of dollars to fly Virgin Australia have been disappointed by the unacceptable on-board catering. Although business travelers are paid a large sum for a ticket, they are currently offered a pot of instant noodles and a granola bar on board, while economy passengers are allowed a granola bar, but only if they ask for it.

An unnamed business class passenger shared his disappointment on social media and wrote on a Facebook post: “I was hungry and expected a decent lunch,” reports the news source.

“To my disappointment, I was offered a fantastic pasta cup. That’s 80 cents in Coles. That’s not acceptable for the price I paid. ”

The passenger had flown from Perth to Brisbane, which can cost up to AUD 1,800 (PKR 207,440) one way for a business class ticket.

A representative from Virgin Australia responded that during the pandemic, the airline launched a “simplified” menu to which the passenger replied, “Simplified! Do not disturb! ”

Another traveler shared a picture of the instant noodles and a can of Coca Cola next to the headline: “Two-course offer on VA Today: Course 1 – Red Wine, No Sugar Coke and Snack Bar, Course 2 – Fantastic Noodles.”

The airline recently experienced a change in leadership when new owners took over Bain Capital.

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