With the rapid increase in the number of new corona virus cases, Spain imposed a blockade on March 14, but it appears that a man from Murcia wasn’t quite ready to stick to it. This man wore a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume and left his home during the lock down, but was soon stopped by the police in the Spanish city.

Murcia police tweeted a video of the man wearing a massive dinosaur species costume walking down the street. Soon police officers noticed the man and stopped him. A short survey appears to have followed, as can be seen in the video, after which the man was seen on the way to his apartment.

In the caption, the Murcia police said: “During the state of emergency, pets are allowed to be accompanied by a person, always short walks to help them relieve themselves. A Tyrannosaurus Rex is not insured. #Stayathome.”

Watch the video here:

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