Most commonly stolen items from luxury hotels


    A recent survey by a luxury hotel guide of over 1,100 4-star and 5-star hotel staff, located primarily in Europe, to determine which items were frequently stolen. Below is a list of the top 11 stolen items:

    1. Lamps


    Not the brightest idea – 4.3% of hotels said they stole lights from rooms.

    2. Telephones


    Almost 5% of hotels indicated that telephones were removed from the rooms.

    3. TVs


    6.1% of hotels said TVs disappeared from rooms, and French guests are the most likely criminals. The sets are nine times more likely to come from a five-star hotel than from a four-star hotel.

    4. Coffee machines

    coffee machine

    Five-star guests are also more than five times more likely than four-star sub-tenants to steal coffee machines, which have disappeared in 6.9% of the hotels surveyed.

    5. Light bulbs

    Light bulbs

    More than 7% of hotels said they took lightbulbs with the most likely culprit being Dutch sub-tenants.

    6. Hair dryers

    hair dryer

    More than 8% of the hotels surveyed had reported hair dryer missing after guest checkout.

    7. Pillows


    More than 14% of hotels said they had stolen pillows, and the worst offenders were American travelers, according to the survey.

    8. Blankets


    Almost 16% of hotels state that blankets are removed from beds and never returned. Five-star guests take them out onto the streets four times more often.

    9. Works of art

    works of art

    More than 20% of hotels report that the decor has disappeared, and they are luxury travelers again. Five-star guests loot art more than five times more often than four-star travelers.

    10. Batteries


    American hotel guests are most likely to empty the room with batteries that have disappeared from 22% of the hotels surveyed.

    11. Cosmetics


    It turns out that the only thing that five- and four-star guests like is the cosmetic products of their accommodations. Almost 33% of the hotels state that these goods are taken. The guilty? German and British guests.

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