If you can’t go to the igloos, London bring them to you! It’s that easy when you’re out in the winter and exploring the pretty streets of London! Visit the Coppa Club Restaurant on Tower Bridge in London and discover the temporary igloo capsules that are set up right on the banks of the River Thames. You’ve probably seen them strolling the Thames and wondered what they are. If you have ever eaten in an igloo, you can check this here! Coppa Club is the address!

Coppa Club

These igloos on the river offer a unique dining experience every year from November to January. These river igloos from London have developed into a kind of sensation. They give restaurateurs a lifelong opportunity to sit comfortably on the Thames, enjoy the best of food and drink and watch London and its mood.

While these igloos have a summery surf theme every summer – surfboards, tropical plants, a retro Volkswagen motorhome that doubles a bar, lively decor and the like – the Igloos come alive with a super cozy Christmas every WINTER. y mood!

Christmas every WINTER

Come into winter, and these dreamy igloos lure Londoners and non-Londoners alike with irresistible decor – think of cozy blankets, sheepskin blankets, recycled wool blankets, soothing candles, and green trees lit with fairy lights – this is it ideal winter dream!

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During the winter months you can gather in one of these charming winter igloos with a fine food and enjoy the view of the Thames, the Shard and Tower Bridge on the river bank.

Tower Bridge on the river bankAddress:  3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames St, EC3R 6AH. Nearest station: Tower Hill.

Price: There is no added cost for entering the pod. Just like a regular restaurant, you pay for what you eat. The menu is reasonably priced. This price range may help:

Hot beverages: £2.20-2.75 (PKR 440 – 550)

Full Skillet Breakfast (two plancha eggs, sausage, dry cured bacon, Spanish black pudding, field mushrooms, roast tomato, Heinz beans & toast): £9.45 (PKR 1,890)

Veg Margherita Pizza: £7.95 (PKR 1,590)

Skinny Fries: £3.45 (PKR 690)

Salads: £7.95-8.45 (PKR 1,590 – 1,690)

Soft drinks: £2.45-3.00 (PKR 490 – 600)

Smoothies, Juices and Coolers: £3.95-5.45 (PKR 790 – 1,190)

Burgers: £13 (PKR 2,600)

Pasta: £7-14 (PKR 1,400 – 2,800)

However, for Christmas and New Year eve, the prices are different.

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